Announcing the
third generation
of mobile call recording:
smartnumbers mobile


“There are a number of other call recording services available in the UK, but the new smartnumbers service offers significant advantages over them. It constitutes a third generation of mobile call recording.”

Ovum, January 2016

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Enterprise mobile

The first mobile voice service created for the Enterprise.

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Compliant mobile recording

Achieve FCA and MiFID II compliance for your mobile communications.

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Protect critical numbers.

Ensure your fixed-line estate is protected during any planned or unplanned events.

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Voice services for smart businesses

The enterprise mobile

A true enterprise mobile voice service, built from the ground up to meet the demands of today’s business user, offering a range of features including dual persona, team working, call recording, integration with CRM and EMM, and increased resilience.

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Mobile phone call recording for all

smartnumbers mobile plus records your business calls, not personal ones, to protect your business and staff whilst enabling FCA compliance.

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Protecting critical numbers

smartnumbers allows you to answer all your phone calls during planned and unplanned disruption by redirecting your calls whenever a failure is detected.

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Keep your number after an office move

smartnumbers control enables you to keep your business phone numbers both during and after an office move, even if you are moving into an area with a different area code or exchange.

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Enterprise mobile voice, mobile phone call recording, office moves, and more

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